The Coalition for Security and Competitiveness

Recommendations for Modernizing Export Controls on Dual-Use Items

Executive Summary

The United States currently faces unprecedented threats to its security both at home and abroad. In confronting these threats, we must be able to exploit the full advantage we derive from our economic strength and technological prowess. To that end, the U.S. export control system must be modernized so that it is better able to respond quickly and effectively to evolving security threats, and promote our nation's continued economic and technological leadership. The Coalition for Security and Competitiveness, representing multiple industry and trade associations, is committed to working with the Executive Branch and Congress in a cooperative spirit to accomplish these important goals.

To modernize the system and make it more efficient, predictable and transparent, the Coalition has developed the following eight recommendations on export controls for dual-use items:

A more detailed description of the Coalition's concerns and proposals for action is provided in the attached recommendations. Additional recommendations for modernizing export controls on Munitions List items, as well as other information on the Coalition, can be found on

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